Starz Merilend " G3"


 RUS & 2x RKF CH

Annual's Man Power  (black)

CH Lenches Mc Coy                   (black) Lenches Mackintosh                    (black)            Poolstead Plan Of Action 
CH Lenches Miss Molly

Lenches Tessa                  

CH Sandylands My Guy
Lenches Tiptop

Annuals Sweet As Sugar 



Jayncourt Star Yoker


CH Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylan
Dee-Fair Mild And Cutte At Jayncour

Annual's Navy Girl



CH Jayncourt Natural Star
Annual's Creme Fraiche

Starz Merilend & Skrudg 

Loresho Wangwangblues (black) FIN MVA Loresho Liberty         (yellow)  W-03                                       Mailiksen  Gentleman               (yellow)
Loresho Get On                   (black)

Loresho Oyster                


AM CH                                          Caven's Coca-Mo Brute        (chocolate)
Mallorn's Monkey Business     (black)
BALT& RUS& EST& LV& LT CH  Starz Merilend Milochka (yellow)  

Marshy Hope's American Dream (USA)



Surry's Brick In The Wall


Marshy Hope's Moulin Rouge(yellow)

RUS&UKR&BEL&LV CH Strongline's Echo WW-98 ,SW-98,ESTW-99 FIN&EST CH                     Tawastway's Fooling Around
INT&FIN&EST CH Strongline's Jolly Known