Starz Merilend "ch" 



SM Charles's Wain

SM Cherubim

SM Chit Of Gel

SM Chammi Ketch


FIN CH Strongline's Dalwhinnie (chocolate) FIN CH Adventurer's Ev'ry Which Way (black) CAN & JPN CH Loresho Tango FIN CH Loresho Ozzie
INT&FIN&EST CH, ESTW-96, W-95 Loresho Jell-O
FIN CH Nerocas Cuurankukka FIN CH Hirsipirtin Neppari
FIN CH Nerocas Ai Ai Napa
Strongline's XY Musical's Crest Of The Waves Winnie's Copied to Match
Guideline's Chin Wagger
FIN J & CH Strongline's Royal Inspiration FIN CH Mellows Quite A Hero
FIN JCH Applehill's Mayday
    RUS & RKF & GRAND CH     Starz Merilend December Night (black)          DanjacsFinnegan                      (black) Croftsway Old Master GB CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley Of Charway
Croftsway Xpress Bus
Croftsway Evening Post Poolstead Picture Book
Croftswat Sophisticate
RUS & BEL & LV & UKR CH Strongline's Echo                       (black) WW-98, SW-98, ESTW-99, FIN & EST CH    Tawastway's Fooling Around                                         (yellow) INT&EST&RUS CH, FIN TR CH, W-97 Strongline's Flame Of Fame
FIN CH, FIN TR CH Mistmoor's Blandbaker
INT & FIN & EST CH Strongline's Jolly Known                              (black) AM CH Graemoor Tim JH
INT & FIN CH Strongline's Ever Known